NBA News: MAVS new entry Davis Bertan reports disputes in the Wizards

Davis Bertan has spoken openly about disputes and problems in the squad Washington Wizards. Accordingly, many players were dissatisfied with their playing minutes and would have wished a greater role in the team.

Davis Bertans Reacts to Being Traded to Dallas Mavs & How Luka Doncic Can Help His Game

“In my view, with the playing options and several players who only get limited playing time, it’s just hard to build a good team chemistry, if everyone in the team is constantly fighting and saying, I want more minutes ‘or’ I want a bigger role Play, “said Bertan.

This is also an explanation for the worse services of the Wizards in the last weeks. “If it’s downhill, it’s extremely hard to get the curve again,” says Bertan. The Wizards were one of the most active teams at the trade market.

The Lette is one of five players, which were briefly shrinked by the Wizards shortly before the end of the deadline. Together with Spencer Dinwiddie it went for Bertan to Dallas, in exchange Washington Kristaps Porzingis and a two-round chip received.

“We are in February, so it’s not worth talking about November and December, but it’s the same team started at 10-3, and constantly one heard how well the team chemistry,” Wizards said -GM Tommy Sheppard opposite NBC Sports Washington.

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Already in January there were media reports about a confrontation in the cabin between Montrezl Harrell and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in a halftime. After the strong start of the season, the franchise from the US capital is now slipped on the 11th place in the Eastern Conference and is covered with a balance of 25-30 in the middle of the race around the play-in places.

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