Tailed Daemon Slayer Google Play Popular Ranking No. 1

Global Casual Game Developer ‘Cook Apps (Representative Park Sung-min)’ is a mobile RPG ‘Tailed Demon Slayer’ to develop and service in its own, achieves the first place in the Google Play Store, Today I said today

Tailed Daemon Slayer has been launched on January 24, the Google Play Store and the ‘Apple App Store’ and the ‘Apple App Store’, and the main app market, such as the Major App Market, Game popularity has been improved.

Without a large-scale advertisement and marketing, the echoes of ‘Quality Good Leachable RPG’ began to be slowly positioned, and as a result, as a result, From the 12th, the Google Play Store was also successful in the most popular games.

Sales ranking is also growing on growth. In the case of Google’s sales ranking, it was only 150th in the early days, but it has recently accelerated and accelerated and risen vertically up to 66th. The company said that after the launch of the Asian market, sales noted that sales are riding more than $ 100 million and are a good rise, and if this positive response persists, it is expected to enter the 50th place if the positive response continues.

Tailed Daemon Slayer is a game that boosts to the Hometown Bestia, which is full of Undead Boss Boss, the main character that defeated the desert fox in the former desert fox, which defeated the monster, which has lacking a strategy and skill manipulation, to be. In the process of collecting four types of weapons, including a large sword and a bow, and in the process of growing the character, the style itself is spreading to the style itself, and the monsters and progresses that utilize them have been designed to change.

TAILED DEMON SLAYER - Прохождение 12 (iOS & Android)

Cook Apps officials said, “I am very pleased to be very pleased with the popular game of domestic traditional appmarkets, I would like to have a new dungeon, costume, and spring events, such as new dungeons, costume, and spring events, such as new dungeons, costume, and spring events, etc., to present a new pleasure. “

On the other hand, in relation to the community associated with the Tailed Daemon Slayer, for more information on the game, you can see the ‘Tailed Demon Slayer Discord Channel’.

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