Lost ark, how to increase the level of equipment ILVL

Once level 50 on Lost Ark, you have probably noticed that the content is blocked according to your equipment level (your ILVL), so you will explain how to increase your equipment level.

Update : Update of February 15th.

Why increase the level of equipment on Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, the majority of the content is blocked according to your ILVL. It will be your main occupation for the middle of the PVE. Fortunately, it’s relatively simple. At least, in the first levels.

In Lost Ark, which defines your advanced PVE, this is the level of your equipment. It gives a glimpse of your global level, where you are and obviously, it will give an idea of ​​your damage. An ILVL 1000 character will necessarily (and widely) more damage than an ILVL 400.

What equipment increase?

When you have reached the Chateau-Bern, you will unlock a lot of content. If you do not know how to unlock these different contents, we redirect you to our “what to do at Level 50” guide.

So you got your first Tier 1 equipment set ( T1 ) in your first chaos dungeons. This rare equipment set is basic at level 250. To reach the next level, the T2 , it will be necessary to mount your equipment until ILVL 600. Then the T3 will be at the time. ILVL 1100.

Basically, ILVL cuts up as follows according to the continents:

0 – 250: Main History
250 – 302: Start of Quests in Bern Nord
302 – 460: Bern Nord
460 – 600: Rohendel
600 – 960: Yorn
960 – 1100: Feiton
1100 +: Punika

the components needed to increase your ILVL

Once your equipment has been obtained in the dungeons, you will need to mount it until ILVL 302 to unblock the keeper raids and Farm the components needed to increase your ILVL.

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You will have to recover from:

  • Fragments of harmony
  • harmonious bond stones
  • Guardian stone fragments
  • Fragments of Destruction Stone

Some of these components are exchangeable. We advise you to go Farm the dungeons and raid to recover them and transfer them to your main character., You will go much faster than with 1. Once your components acquired, it is time to finally go into the heart of the subject: The refining of equipment.

Refine your equipment on Lost Ark

To refine your equipment, you will need to see the refining NPC south of Chateau-Bern symbolized by a small hammer on your card.

This NPC will explain in a quest suite that if you refine your equipment, it will rise from ILVL. You can even transfer your refining to another equipment if necessary. So to refine your equipment, it happens in two stages:

First stage :
– Improve the piece of equipment from 0% to 100% thanks to the fragments of harmony.

Second step :
– Refine the equipment upwards the piece thanks to the stone fragments of the keeper and harmony bond stones. Except for the weapon that will require flower fragments of destruction instead of the garde’s stone fragments.

GG, you have just increased your piece of equipment and therefore its ILVL. You will have to start again these steps until you have your equipment entirely in +15. Once at this point, your ILVL will be 600 and you can switch to T2.

Be careful though. At first, you will have 100% chance for success to increase your equipment. And when you board at level 7, you will see your chances drop by 10%. Then 10% less at each level. Your chances of increasing your equipment therefore drops drastically with the level rise.

Finally, we advise you to mount the equipment of a single character at a time. Past Yorn and refining dedicated to the equipment of the region, you will unlock searches in your fortress that will greatly help you improve the chances of refining on your other characters while reducing the cost of some components.

Here for a guide on how to increase your equipment level on the MMORPG LOST ARK. You can find all our guides to start in Lost Ark as well as all the game news on Ark.

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