Log Like Survival “Home Behind 2” officially released by the revolution of the collecting campaign!

Developer TPP Studio announced a formal release of Rogue Like Survival Games “ HOME Behind 2 ( Home Behind 2 )”, which was developing early access from January 2021.

This work is a co-collecting, a special worker of a science country who returned to the school’s university students who returned home, a special worker who returned by the failure of the fault, and the son of the chief who has lost the persecution of The swartow will open the bloodstone to the revolution. Version 1.0 adds hidden scenarios, BOSS and corresponding subquests, new occupations and skill effects, random tactics, optimization and adjustment, etc. Please check the STEAM community for details.

  • In this Log Like game, it is possible to freely explore the map of the western part of the randomly generated Skariya. And we will steadily occupy enemy oil fields, cities, command parts, etc. and will help the revolution.

  • There are many unique terrain and various incidents and buildings up to hundreds. You must choose the most valid search method from the character’s characteristics and to respond rationally.

  • Let’s recruit and foster a different character of the character. The 36 classes that can be unlocked have quite different resources, attributes and combat skills. Let them freely organize and create a creative shot.

  • Active time battle rich in strategicity. It can be freely stopped time and make a battle instruction to one person alone, or use a tactical card to give devastating damage to the enemy.

  • Random enchantment weapons and equipment drops, hundreds of guns scattered on the battlefield. The oldest secret test type weapon is different from the old-art weapon of the World War II. They are waiting for you to be collected.

  • Holder guns, flame radiators, rocket cannons can be freely upgraded and attached to vehicles. As you explore deeply, the more eligible enemy’s mechanization unit will intercept.

  • You can build or upgrade the garrison. At the garrison, various preparations for breaking dangerous situations, such as tactical planning, cooking, science and technology upgrades, weapons and armor manufacturing and upgrades.

  • Rich main, subquests range to several hundredths. You can taste the history of skaria and the history of revolution.

“Home Behind 2” is distributing STeam for 2,050 yen for Windows / Mac.

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