NBA News: Pelicans-Youngster Zion Williamson threatens second foot

Zion Williamson may have again in the knife again. The Youngster of the New Orleans Pelicans allegedly threatens a second surgery at his injured right foot. So far, the No.1-Pick has not completed a game in the current season from 2019.

As Christian Clark reports, Williamson should actually return to training in December. However, this prevented persistent pain in the injured right foot, so he flew to Los Angeles in the same month. There he received an injection that should accelerate the healing.

Now the 21-year-old threatens the report, however, a second surgery, but a final decision is still off. Last week, David Griffin, Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations of the Pelicans, declared that Zion will be subject to further medical examinations in this or next week.

Williamson had moved into a midfoot break in the offseason 2021 and had to be operated. Since then, several setbacks in the healing process had been threatened. According to Clark, this is also due to Zion relatively high weight, which complicates the healing process due to the high pressure on the foot.

PPR: Zion may need second surgery on foot

Due to the violation, the actual hope of Pelicans has not completed a game in the current season. Overall, the injured Big has been denied only 85 games since the draft 2019, in which he was average 25.7 points and 7 rebounds at 60.4 percent from the field.

Pelicans wanted in the draft 2019 probably Zion and yes Morant

Even without Zion, the Pelicans hunt the Play-in-tournament afterwards, New Orleans are currently standing in eleven in the west with a balance sheet of 23 wins to 35 defeats just behind the Portland Trail Blazers. With the trade for C.J. But McCollum has initiated Nola another Win-Now-Move, which was allegedly understood by Williamson as “very positive”.

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The Pelicans hope that after the return of Zion, they can prove an explosive offensive trio with Williamson, McCollum and Brandon Ingram. As Clark also reports, New Orleans was apparently interested in the 2019 draft to bring Williamson and Morant to the team together. Several offers for the No.2-pick of the Grizzlies rejected Memphis, but who instead pitched Morant and with the All-Star now in third place in the west.

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