Steel series, gaming mouse Prime Series

The Gaming Gear Brand Steel Series (SteelSeries, CEO: Etihamlabani) said, commemoriating the successful launch of Prime Mouse, conducting five prime mouse series five first-feature exhibitions from February 17th to 28th.

This plan is the Prime MINI Wireless (Prime Mini Wireless), Prime Mini Wired (Prime Mini Wired), Prime Wired, Prime + Wired (Prime Wireless), Prime Wired, Prime Prime Plus Wired) Provides up to 23% discount on 5 species.

Steel Series Korea Lee Hye-kyung The president said, “The Prime Series is a gaming mouse, a gaming mouse, which is a jointly developed by the E-Sports Competition players of the world.” We have made this planning exhibition to reward the support. “

SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless Review, A GOOD SMALL GAMING MOUSE!
The Prime Series of the Steel Sirizu released in June last year is a high-performance gaming mouse made for competitions. 5 times a long lasting Prestige OM ™ switch, which is a long-lasting competitive product, allowing accurate clicks through the beam reaction, and the switch using the magnetic core provides a satisfactory and neat feel as the first click on the first click. In fact, many users who have purchased a Steel Series Prime Series directly are the maximum strength of the grip due to the exact clicks and a clean coating without a double-click of the prime series.

The Prime Mini Series is a mini mouse series developed based on the success of the Prime Series, which is characterized by a 12% greater designed to remain in a smaller appearance and a smaller older ergonomic form.

More details on the first-specific exhibition of the Prime Mouse Series 5 species can be found through the Steel Series Official Mall.

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