Schalke places in the nervous

Last week, they are broken at the pressure, this time they have passed on him: the rise battle in the 2nd Bundesliga will be at the beginning of the last end of the season to the nervous fight, where the game plan could quite play a role.

“Last week, the competition had submitted, we stood under pressure on Sunday and have not settled with it,” said Schalke’s goalkeeper Martin Fraisl overlooking the 1: 2 in Düsseldorf. And leaving the 2-0 against the SC Paderborn: “Now we have submitted. Now the others have to win if they want to keep the distance on us.”

Schalke coach Dimitrios Grammozis feels the increasing importance of this factor, but does not want to make the pressure on his players too great. “I’ve been told you last week that we are not allowed to influence, if the others are present and we first play Sunday,” he said after victory: “Whether the HSV or Werder win or not, that’s not ours Construction site.”

At the final whistle, Schalke had a fifth but only a point behind on leader St. Pauli, such a close constellation automatically gives rise to the ascent race an even greater psychological effect.

Grammozis glad about the victory against Paderborn

The sooner, the self-pressed Grammozis was about the victory after the disappointment of the previous week against the only away abrasion unbeaten team in German professional football. “Compliment to my guys that they are the first, the Paderborn inflicted this defeat,” said the 43-year-old, “They also showed a good reaction to Dusseldorf.” Of course, the previous game has “still put in the bones”. But the 1: 0 by Marius Bülter (22nd) was “the can opener” for Grammozis.

Schalke - Victory

The victory was not undeserved in the end, but also happily, which was why Paderborn coach Lukas Kwasniok was awful. “The first time I’m a bit stinky,” he said with a view of the tab defense in the free kick to 0: 1.

Actually, the SCP stands beyond good and evil as a eighth. “But we also have to take care that we do not lie to ourselves,” Kwasniok warned after only one victory from the last ten games: “For a lot of games, it looks good visually. But we have to get out of the infancy and pure in adults -pressure. It’s about gaining games. “

And in the rise battle more than ever about the day of the week.

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