[Review] This is enough, JBL Tune 710 BT

Just a few years ago, so it was the time when Samsung has just acquired Haman. If the reservation is the Samsung Galaxy series had the occasion to present the first case of wireless Bluetooth headphones I took the first step in the world of wireless headphones. Not exactly remember that reservation and received the Galaxy S9.

Then of course it was the best, if you ask what had the feel of wireless headphones How about try. At the time I was the one who might makgwi ‘negative’ of the sound, now eunikka Browse difficult smartphones bundled earphones also had a great interest in audio, as used with satisfaction. This distance will be only one line to shake the cumbersome chest in jyeotdaneun I could feel the best satisfaction.

But the human body has no partner to staff. The IT press life and I lose a lot of opportunities to access various products, especially high-end products Wireless Headphone who then noticed the saesalrim provided with dust somewhere in gutters. And my neck any moment itdeora hanging latest noise-canceling headphones.

If the budget is generous expensive and good product of course the best, but always, our wallets matter does not allow it. That it requires a reasonable compromise. Especially more so audio equipment. A man with a hammer so ridiculous joke is said that the biggest bankruptcy of audio deokhu 3 deokjil (cars, cameras, audio).

If unavoidable if you need noise canceling it but must select four to 50 million won of high-end products, mainly looking for a wireless headset might be used indoors or remote locations JBL TUNE710 What is BT ? Lean, clean design and reasonable price of ten thousand won 10 chobandae, once the first impression is not satisfactory.

Over ear headphones like a car audio is also excellent. Anyhow to live off the noise, such as noise-canceling function is not a separate itjineun equipped with a mouse click sounds, typing sound, air conditioning sound, manager of nagging does not at all feel the lack. Extent do you feel supported also significantly lagging behind in life as much noise compared with the noise-canceling headphones that are currently in use.

Moderately soft and light weight of 220g, and may fit thanks to the soft leatherette pads. There was very little pressure on the ear pads are quite thick ear cartilage pyeonyira feels that surround the ears wide. Far, most of the entry-level headphones I have ever used this pressure is transmitted to the ear may be used only worth two hours this guy does not greatly bunch with 3-4 hours.

JBL Tune 710BT REVISION 2021 2022

Located on the control button is also straightforward. Right hand thumb can easily press the Play / Pause button to stop the location, volume control button, easy to operate and hold the power button is situated reduce the possibility of erroneous operation in an almost impossible position pressed by mistake. Just sounds a little sound when the button is located right next to manipulate what your springs. I yiragon operating functions of headphone playback, also the atmospheres great inconvenience to use only pause is eopeotjiman often take advantage of the operational functions of the headset, and also a little annoying for Lille sensitive to sound.

Charging port is a little vague. It is equipped with a Type-C port for the trend was good. The mounting of the C port, but you can still feel it for granted that the product put out a 5pin terminal because suduruk. But ambiguous position of the gun ports. But rarely happen. If inadvertently tweaked the unit while it plugged the cable Maybe I want a position that could lead to damage to the cable. ARM, rather better to left to lead placed in the bottom of the cup?

What about quality? Great expectations about the atmospheres of sound quality that is already in use for 40 million won headphones were not yet seen as a JBL TUNE 710 BT listen to music all day long for review. Once the sound is pretty heavy feeling. Listening is not enough uncomfortable, but they tend to have very high strength and is slightly crushed heavily laid bass. Boasting an attractive bass’ve heard the ‘Numbers are confused, it was hard to beat the bass sounds impressive ear from the beginning.

Befitting a native of headphones and Bluetooth earphones when compared with the same air pot, Galaxy buzz felt certain spaciousness. Difficult to say that “it is clear” but gives both vocals and bass, shaker hear the sound of a moderately sensitive. 100,000 won a chigoneun preparation Bluetooth headphones.

A time up to 50 hours and can be used as a buffer, also supports two connecting multiple connections available Bluetooth devices at the same time (Multi-Point Connection) function. Price is 129,000 won, Samsung dot-com standards. If January 2 to 28 at the time of purchase from Samsung dot do it 20,000 won purchase is available at a discounted price of 109,000 won requiring affordable, adequate performance headphone users want Maybe a good chance.

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