Bungie wants that the witch king

Fans have long been waiting for the extension Witch Queen by Destiny 2 and it’s finally here. There are many reasons to look forward to this expansion and start of bungie fifth year with Destiny 2 content, and the witch king campaign is one of them.

In a recent PlayStation blog post, the BUNGIE developers communicate their goals for the new story missions and expressed their desire for the Witch Queen campaign to feel like The Mandalorian. Or Star Trek, if you like something like that.

However, players will not put on Bescar armor or face the Darksber of Lucent Brood. Bungie wants that “every mission feels like a single TV episode from a season of ‘Star Trek’ or ‘The Mandalorian’ and not like a piece of packed film,” said Destiny 2-Designer Andrew Hopps. “Every mission should be remembered due to their different topics, the journey of the player and the unforgettable moments immediately.”

Interestingly, Bungie has looked at work at the campaign of the Hexenkenigine enlargement to her work on dungeons and not on former story missions. These long-form challenges were used as inspiration, as they are “ambitious” and “very demanding”, says Destiny 2-Designer Alex Pfeiffer.

Dungeons offer a unique gaming experience in Destiny 2, something that wanted to capture bungie and applied to his new story missions. They are often longer than a typical story mission, contain more complex mechanics and offer players a greater challenge – and larger rewards.

COMPLETE LEGENDARY WITCH QUEEN CAMPAIGN (With Final Cut Scene) // Destiny 2 Witch Queen

With a sense of “sophistication and challenge” at the top of the mission design, the Witch Queen campaign promises a greater and better experience according to Bungies editorial manager Brian Ekberg compared to previous extensions.

However, the campaign is not the only thing you can look forward to – there is also a new set of Destiny 2 Witch Queen Exotics that you can get into your fingers. You can also view our guide to the latest Destiny 2-Gambit changes here.

If you do not have the latest expansion yet, there is still time! You can pick up the whole hex king extension right here.

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