Warning of Nintendo: How to protect your switch in front of the battery

Nintendo gives a warning out of all Switch players: If you do not use the handheld console over several months, you should still recharge your way around. Otherwise, your Switch could soon give up the spirit.

Nintendo Switch Has a MAJOR Charging & Battery Issue That Can Kill Your Switch

Nintendo Switch: Your battery should always be charged

Who owns a Nintendo Switch, should keep the recharge of his console for the most normalest of the world. But apparently there are many players who like to neglect the battery of their handheld component. Because in a tweet, the Japanese Support of Nintendo recalls players from having the battery no longer than six months without power supply.

Otherwise, it could happen that the battery of your Switch finally gives up the mind and can not be recharged. A horror scenario. Of course, this applies to both the switch as well as for the switch Lite. Just when your console should sometime stow away because the switch should soften new models, such as an OLED switch, it is worth thinking of a regular charging .

So the right retention is the A and O. Who does not remember the many good Game Boys , who have spilled batteries have fallen victim? You want to keep your Nintendo Switch well in shot and ensure that the battery remains long functional? Then look at our article as well as we can explain how you can charge your Nintendo Switch.

_Ihr Will the absolute maximum get out of your Switch? Then a look at this accessory for the handheld console: _

__Best switch accessories at a glance

So do not forget to charge your Nintendo Switch regularly, otherwise it threatens an annoying battery death. Most players will probably always keep their console in the docking station, but for all others: recharge regularly!

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