Reus: “Its a do-or-the game

When the travel horse from Borussia Dortmund made his way to Glasgow on Wednesday morning, he became accompanied by spring-like sunshine. On arrival in the port city, however, the BVB was rapidly back in the rough reality: strong winds when approaching, cold temperatures and a piercing mix of rain and snow reminded the Borussen because it was the Community excursion to Scotland by a company – With an important work order in the Europa League.

The team of coach Marco Rose must pay the Rangers 2: 4 mortgage from the first leg and shoot at least two goals to at least come into the extension. It’s about important revenue for the club, but above all about your own prestige.

“We do not have to motivate ourselves,” Captain Marco Reus said when he spoke in the evening in the catacombs of Ibrox Stadium with the virtually switched journalists. “We know what it’s about. We know what’s on the game. It’s a do-or-the game.” Regarding or departing are the alternatives. “And we have great before,” Reus promised, “we will give everything, so it’s our day on Thursday.”

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The BVB must refrain from Manuel Akanji, Dan-Axel Zagadou and Giovanni Reyna also on Erling Haaland, who graduated from team training at the beginning of the week, but according to Rose “a little bit away” is from a comeback. Meanwhile, his team had to give up almost half of the games on the Norwegian, the BVB coach said on Wednesday – and thus learned to deal with it.

“We still shot many goals in the Bundesliga.” Last equal to six at the 6-0 success on Borussia M√∂nchengladbach on Sunday, four days after the bitter first leg defeat against Glasgow at the same place. The joy then fell from the black and yellow. “It was a step forward,” said Reus the explanation for it, “but we still have to take a backpacking and a reaction to the reaction.”

Hot backdrop awaits BVB

And that before a backdrop, which many Borussians have not experienced for a long time: 50,000 spectators are expected to be 2600 from Dortmund. A problem? “It’s expecting us a hot atmosphere. But that’s something very beautiful and can be very motivating. That will not be a problem for us,” Reus denied this question.

But the feat of Dortmund will be, the heavy, but against the internationally only second-class opponent by no means unsolvable task of catching up a two-goal residue without overcoming – driven by the backdrop. Not for nothing emphasized Rose in his comments in the press conference several times the word “Balance”. Exactly because of the BVB in the past, it had more frequent. Also significantly fewer spectators than this time in Glasgow.

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