Elden Ring fans kill first boss, who should not be defeated

Before you reach the Zwerland at all and so correctly get started with the story of Elden Ring, you will meet right after the character creation on the transplanted sprout (Grafted Scion). This is the basically first “boss” of the game, which must inevitably kill you so that you can continue with history – so it has at least intended for the team of fromSoftware. In fact, however, it is also possible to process the sprout to little wood (via GamesRadar).

Fans kill transplanted boss and these items are available as a reward

Most Elden Ring Players * Inside, the nasty sprout is likely to have beaten a little eyelet (quietly, if you belong to it).

Then she lands in the cemetery of the stranded and think “Hach yes, thank Elden Ring for the first of hundreds of confrontations with the virtual death!”. That’s how it should be, no shame. Especially since the sprout is really strong.

Well, and then there’s just fans like Youtuber Ongleball, which seemingly impossible to make possible and skilfully resist the specifications of developers. Because yes: the transplanted sprout can be defeated. But that requires, among other things, very good timing when dodging and attacking how you see in the lower video:

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What is the player rewarded? The sprout drops the ornamental sword (ornamental Straight Swords) and the Golden Beast Shield (Golden Beast Crest Shield). Funny, there are still 3200 runes on top.

The Crux on the whole thing: If you succeed in killing the boss, then you have the runes back. You can still continue with the story if you die. And because the sprout can no longer get offense, you have to jump down a cliff and loses the valuable runes again. Too bad, but somehow typical from software.

By the way: If you are oriented at the beginning of the game, ** Then we’ll tell you the places on the map in this Zwerland article to visit you first.

Do you have defeated the sprout?

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