Rayark Games unveiled the Teaser Deemo II, announced suite

Indie Games. Symbolism. There can be no limit apparently, but it’s because people do not have enough. For game fans that leave you puzzled and hanging on a deeper sense, the Taiwanese rhythm game can be suitable for you. And now, it would be a good time to play it, if you have not already done so, because the Rayark Games developer has just announced a suite with a Teaser Deemo II. Deemo was originally published as a mobile game, then reissued on PS Vita, then on Nintendo Switch under the name of Deemo: Last Recital.

The original deem was spoken of a girl named Alice who enters a strange world since heaven. In order to return to his world, she must use her piano skills to encourage a big tree to push and bring it back from where she comes from. A mysterious character named Deemo helps him go home, but they are embarrassed by a character named Masked Lady. The end reveals the true identities of Deemo and the masked lady, and the tragic circumstances that brought Alice in this world.

Just like the history of the original game was a little mysterious, the teaser does not indicate what deemo II will speak, although it can follow similar rules on the world. At the end of the teaser, we see a young child approaching a building with a tree pushing in the background, so it can be a continuation of deemo. No release or platform date has been announced. It’s just a teaser after all.

DEEMO II Release Trailer

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