How to perform a side quest Kenneh Hight Fort Haight in Elden Ring

To fulfill the Kennet Heite quest, you need to find Fort Hate . Start from the road to the north from Kenneth Heit and after it. In the end, you will reach the destroyed fortress, the path to the gate of which is blocked by barricades with spikes.

But before you go on a journey, be sure to take with you good weapons and at least Call of Godwick’s soldiers . If you still do not have this mind, you can get it by visiting the graveyard south of the storm hill hut.

Once in the fort, activate the nearest site of grace so that you can revive if you die. When you make your way through the barricades with spikes, some creatures, similar to goblins, hide from the ballists. To go through the barricade and ballast, you will need to run through the barricade and ignore the enemies.

Moving past the barricades, avoid the bolts of the ballists and get to the fortress wall. Once from the wall, call your spirits and fight with the nearest feasible female and pumpkogol enemy to goal.

By defeating all enemies guarding the gate, go to the courtyard. Inside the yard you will find enemies-rats and weak enemies-simplides.

Beware of commoners, as they will throw incendiary bombs down on you. Obschery with commoners, approaching them and finishing them with hand-to-hand or long-range attacks.

Nevertheless, when you break through the fort, you will eventually come across the knight. You will need to kill this knight and security guard ballists to complete the quest. We recommend actively using evasion and strong attacks on the knight. After you kill the knight, you will finish the quest and you will need to talk to Kenneth Heit To get your award.

Elden Ring - Kenneth Haight Questline and Locations

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