How to play Octane in Apex Legends Season 5

Octane was the first new legend added to Apex Legends and remains to this day one of the most fun to play. However, it is also very easy to lose with. One of the common shows in the arena is a catching professor of octane, jumping to death and condemning the rest of his team. Octane is considered a liability in terms of classification, and absolutely useless at competitive level.

That said, like any other legend that was at a time considered useless, octane has the ability to dominate the fighting and win games. Let’s review the most important things you need to know about the Octane game in season 5 of APEX LEGENDS.

octane kit


Quick Repair: Octane automatically regenerates health at a rate of 1 HP every 2 seconds. Swift Mend intervenes after 6 seconds without damage.


Stim: Octane undergoes 10 HP of damage and instantly cleans all the slowdown effects it undergoes, and increases its overall movement speed by 30% and its speed speed of 40%, during the following 6 seconds. Although stimulated, the other slowdown effects applied to it are less effective.


Launch Pad: Deploy a Jump Pad that any player can use; Charging time of 60 seconds. After rebounding on a Jump Pad, players can jump a second time in any direction. Octane can have a maximum of 4 Jump Pads deployed at any time and they can be destroyed. The Jump Pad has 200 HP and undergoes increased damage from NOX gas (including that of a friend’s cautics!). Note that the Jump Pads generated by the card, like those of Octane’s Gauntlet, operate identically to those deployed by the players.

uses your brain

Succeed with Octane in APEX LEGENDS In season 5, it is always a question of managing your extremely aggressive kit and the trends it promotes. The trap of Octane players at all levels is how flammable sound is his kit. You can always always stim, and almost always drop a Jump Pad. The new players take this as a sign of damaging several times in a row, then embark on the enemy fire. It’s far from ideal.

Stim would work really much better if it did not cost health and had a longer recharge time to compensate – this is how other motion capabilities in APEX LEGENDS work. Respawn’s intention with Octane was different, however, and they wanted it to be a risk / reward capacity, instead of a good capacity.

How To Play OCTANE In Apex Legends From a TOP PRO! | TSM ImperialHal Octane Guide
This brings us to my first and biggest advice – use your tactic sparingly. The use of Stim creates disadvantages beyond minor health damage. When stimulated, you are more inclined too far or badly positioned. The wide flanks are cool, but if things go to the south, your group comrades will not be able to join you in time, and your only option to come back will again be stim, taking more damage.

Stim can be used very effectively in combat… Once you have had hundreds of games with Octane and have understood its limits. Limits that he does not understand himself, in terms of tradition. Until you get there, treat stim as a final measure.

The Jump Pad is also very spammable, but this time it’s a good thing. In addition to quickly covering a lot of land, Octane can be used to help all of his squad to reposition, or reach a high plot, or even to block a door or help a squad companion to escape. The Jump Pad can even do something that the Pathfinder Tyrolean can not: refuse a high ground position. Simply skip, then go back and pull the Jump Pad into pieces or ask for cautics from your team to deposit a NOX BOST. The only thing the Jump Pad is almost useless, just like an escape tool – this is where Stim goes into play.

In the end, Octane has all the tools to be a higher level APEX LEGENDS CONCURRENT – everything is not used to constantly using these tools, or at least not self-destructively. By exercising some self-control, you can exploit octane forces and make incredible games, and maybe win a match or two. Good luck and break a leg!

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