Is the crossed game available in Disintegration?

DesIntegration – The first interactive V1 game – will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 16th. With the FPS title available on three different platforms, it is not surprising to see that people are curious about a possible crossed game feature.

Let's Play Disintegration - PC Gameplay - #1
If you are wondering if DESIntegration will support the multiplatform game at the exit, let us help you. Start your gravcycle and let’s take a look.

Is the multiplatform game supported in Disintegration?

Let’s start with what happened during the closed beta. In a beta FAQ published on the Private Division support page, the game publisher revealed that the crossed game would not be available.

You may think that the multiplatform player was unavailable only during the closed beta, but it seems that it will also extend to the full game. The private division explained, in the same FAQ, that it did not want to make “empty promises” to the players. Although they sort the back-end on each platform – to ensure its proper functioning from the first day – there will be no crossed game feature.

However, it is possible that it is désintegration in a future update. The FAQ also stated that the crossed game is “under development” and that V1 Interactive wants to implement it.

This supported questions of désintegration Creative Director Marcus Lehto in an interview last August. The former Bungie employee – and Creator of Halo – said EuroGamer that it is “technically possible” to add it, but the team had to coordinate it correctly between the platforms to succeed. This falls specifically in the “mouse and keyboard vs controller” discussion of correspondence with the system you play according to the system you play.

For the moment, then, désintegration does not support the multiplatform game. If we hear the opposite before or after the exit, we will inform you.

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