Google “Launches the game worldwide with 5 click” … But why are the policy?

Google Play opened a press conference through ‘Google Mitsu’, and had time to inform the use of the Games Release Solutions ‘Google Play Console’ and explained to its App Management Policy.

At the meeting, a description of the usefulness of the Google Play Console ‘feature was made, but it was poured into Google’s app review, and criticism of management policy.

Play the game all over the world with easy click and click 5

The Google Play Console is an app that Google’s services, game management platforms. Features can lead to global entry through one-stop procedure. Developers can register their games in the Google Store of 190 countries through this tool. In Korea, you should not be able to use the Games Water Management Committee separately, and the Google Play console also has a difference in this country.

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Kim Hong-geun to announce Kim Hong-geun’s Google Play Game Partnership Manager demonstrated to list the app on Google Play with five clicks through the implementation of a pile project assuming that development is completed. Kim Manager said, “From the previous steps, internal testing and private testing, pre-registration can be conducted within the Google Play Console, and can be quickly made up to formal services from testing.”

The Google Play Console also provides a customized solution for a monetary model. When performing step-by-step testing at the developer, it can be tested in many countries where the low-term device is tested in many countries and to test aimed at the European market. In addition, in the Google Play Console, we provide a “managed publication” to provide a new app or build for a new app or build to provide options to allow the developer to select a deployment point.

This is a description of Kim Managers that can be managed by the tool from the test to the launch from the test. In the Google Play Console, you can provide over 80 data, such as store performance, revenue creation data, and accessor values, and you can proceed with analysis of your own game.

Kim Dong-gyu representative of the Haidian developed the “Cat and Soup” is attending the meeting, “(in the Google Play Console),” (in the Google Play Console), “said,” I can solve complicated processes with a few clicks to ” The advantage of Google has the advantage of being flexible and rapidly responding among platforms. “

Google “If you know what is a policy violation, you will bypass developers”

Whobagu Google Play Trust and Safety Team Korean Operations Officer announced the topic of Google Play Developer Policy for a safe and reliable platform. ‘ “We have been through the process of improving technology and processes every day, based on developer policies for” safe and reliable platforms “for a safe and reliable platform.”

Google Play can be deleted from play if an app that has not comply with policies is confirmed and is an already released app. “There was a very great policy violation, or if there is a repetitive violation, it may be sanctioned to the developer app account.”

However, at the meeting, Google’s policy has been poured by the opinion, uncertainty, and if it is a subject of sanctions, and if it does not clear what is violated.

Therefore, Google’s “developers know that they want more clear messages,” and “policy violations are displayed to improve, such as delivering a screenshot as a mail (a problematic) screenshot.” “Developers should be able to identify Google’s notice closely, and if they think that they are unfair, they should make his appeal through the official channel.”

In addition, the more of the “developers), the more conventions of policy violations (developers), which are the case of bypassing (developers), and we have maintained these policies. “Google plays also maintain a close collaboration with the Game Water Management Committee,” he said.

The Google Play side evaluated and mentioned the violations of individual games.

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