Launch of the new Hitman game

A new sicario The game was released today. Unfortunately, it is not asin to Salary 4 Nor is the developer of the IO Interactive series. Today, Square Enix Montreal, the team behind francirator Sicario and sicario Vam – Published Hitman Sniper: The shadows A new and free Sicario game for mobile phones. According to Square Enix, although the game is not developed by IO Interactive, it is a “totally original” Hitman story, and presumably a cannon, it is not that many Hitman fanatics imported the integrity of the sicario cannon, since the series It is not known for its history, but by its playability.

«From the beginning, our ambition was to offer a high production value francotor Sicario Experience on mobile devices in terms of graphics and gameplay quality», said Simon Doongoor, Senior Producer of Hitman Sniper: The Shadows in Square Enix Montreal, while talking about the game. “We wanted this game to be the beginning of something new instead of a sequel. This vision freed us to move in a different direction, as the introduction of The Shadows, and allowed us to create a deeper game experience for players. “

Next, you can read more about the game and see your official launch trailer:

«Enter the hidden world of murder and become The Shadows, a team of highly qualified sniper», says an official launch of the game. “Embark on assignments of trotamundos, eliminates targets with stealth and creativity, participate in fierce competition and build your reputation as elite agents of the International Contracts Agency (ICA).”

With Interactive currently working on a game of James_ Game, you can spend some time before we have a new Sicario of the Danish study, which now has intellectual property. That said, although there has been no official or unofficial news of a new _sicario, it does not mean that one is not in development. IO Interactive is large enough to have more than one internal team, but presumably, most of the study is working on the aforementioned. NLACE OF JAMES GAME.

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