Bungie leaves the first details of your next project in a job offer

For a while we knew that bungie , creators of Destiny and recently acquired by Sony, were working on new projects, one of them at legamest one new IP, but today we can know the first details. A job offer leaves us a first study of the study that is harvesting a great success with the expansion The Queen Witch of Destiny 2, and that details that they will continue with what they best know, which is the cooperative and competitive multiplayer.

According to this offer, the study searches “ a level designer to contribute to a multiplayer action game without announcing and currently in development “. Among his responsibilities would be creating concepts and designing idegames for maps and levels or contributing to the creative vision of the game, among others.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen - Vow of the Disciple - World First Raid Race

The new Bungie project starts to pee

In addition, they gamesk someone capable of working games a team, but games more important details that let us intuit more about the game, they request someone with experience by creating levels in multiplayer games, understanding of the use of light and color in the design of environments and others technical knowledge. However, the most interesting thing is that another of the gamespects to be highlighted in the experience required is with action games in third person , which would take it away from the aforementioned proposal of Destiny.

Obviously they have not transcended more details, and is that the game is probably, considering this offer, in a state of development rather early. What is expected is that, despite the recent acquisition of Bungie by Sony, it does not prevent this project from going on other platforms games Xbox or PC consoles, since from the Japanese company they have not shown at any time ANENTION OF CONVERT THE STUDY GAMES IN EXCLUSIVE PLAYSTATION.

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