Wonderlands Wonderland Korean Panel Package, March 25 Reservation Sales

The H2 Interactive (H2 Interactive, Representative Huh) is a 2K and Gearbox Entertainment, Tain Town’s Wonderland (Taina Tina’s Wonderlands) of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. ) Korean Panel (Korean Voice, Text and Subtitle) will be released on March 25, on March 25, and will be launched as PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox ONE platforms, and today (March 4) I said.

The “Wonderland of Taini Tina” is a game of Lutherer-Shooting genre, which is a unique fantasy background, and the player creates a customized multi-class hero, making his own multi-class heroes, and fighting a treasure, and fighting with a treasured monsters. I will leave the adventure to prevent the monarch. In addition, Tiny Tina, an unpredictable personality owner, Tin Tina, fires life in the fantasy world, and in mind, the players guide the rules and environments in the game. Wonderland of Tin Tina is a new work that includes a story-centric cooperative campaign and repeatable end game content that up to four players can play together.

The first Landard of Tin Tina, which has been added to the Golden Hero Armor Pack with a Purple Purchase Bonus, is now able to purchase booking. If there is a defender preset, you can change the character’s appearance so that it can be substantially either farewell. If you are a collection of armor, you can apply anywhere, and you can adjust the character’s details for perfect fit.

Wonderland NeXT Level Edition in Tin Tina includes a full game and a dragon monarch pack optimized for PlayStation®5 or Xbox Series X performance. In addition, you can get an anemonial pack in the game when you visit a newsletter subscription by visiting a Newsletter subscription.


In addition, when participating in the official YouTube channel subscription event of Eichto Interactive, the subscriber is provided by the wastewater’s official steel book through the lottery. For more information on the Western Land real package and events in Tin Tina, we can see the homepage and H2 Mol, and on Facebook and YouTube.

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