[Fact check] Ghost of Ukraine Kiyu, his fighter coalition is the game?

“Ukrainian Air Force MIG-29 fighter in Kiiu was shot Russia SU-35 fighter”

February 25th, with this news, 22 seconds of video came on Twitter. In a short image, the fighter in the blue comes up to launch the missiles along with one of the other fighters.

As this video was released, the news that there is a ‘Kiu’s ghost’ in Ukraine. It is a heroic look, including the solo development of the Russian fighter through the cohesion. His presence came to the hope of one stem. Former President Shenko, as well as President Ukraine, the Ministry of National Defense, mentioned his presence. What is the ghost of Kiu?

Fact check Ukraine's 'Ghost of Kyiv' fighter pilot
First of all, the image of the problem is not a video that deals with the actual Ukraine and Russia. The video is a fan video created with a popular fighter simulator . February 25th, I was blown by mistiling in Twitter in Twitter. And unfortunately, some domestic media reported that the actual appearance without confirmation of the image.

I already have a “game video” on the original tweet between the Player, or “I do not have to fly a song,” and “I do not have to fly a perfect scene to the camera. There is a response to virtually impossible. “

“This video is taken from , but it was made of respect for the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’. If he was real, “I put it up.

Old Savable MIG-29 can be mounted up to 6 foot missiles. In the modern public agitation, the pilot alone is a full-length fighter, and it is possible to see the six-to-the-to-the-tolerance of the six-party fighters. What looks like, Kiu’s ghosts should not be a hero talk about all Ukrainian pilots.

According to Fact Checksite DW.COM, most of the ghost photos of Kiuu’s ghosts are now synthetic. Jellen Ski Keys can see that the pilot written directly tweeted with a helmet is close to the real ‘Kiu’s ghost’, but the probability that he had a rumor that he was rumored to shoot six or less.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian Ministry of National Defense or Porocentico said, mentioning Kiu’s hero is the possibility of strategies for fraudulent. In an unfavorable war, the presence of war hero is because the hope of the victory can be delivered to the people, of course.

Actually, it does not mean that there was no heroic airplane operation in Kiu. Colonel Olek Mount Olto Mount Olechan was held in the Russian fighter in Ki-woo on the 25th last month. He was shot and oxidized to shoot Hostomel Airport on the outskirts of Kiu.

Colonel of Oksan Chenko, who fled for more than 2,000 hours, but he retired in 2018, but he returned to the army on the invasion of Russia and flew the sky to protect the country.

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