When the 3rd inoculation is inoculated, the Omiton Falification rate 0% … 6 times higher in unrivaled

Omicron variance for the 3rd inoculation is 0%, but the critical rate of unrivaled is more than 6 times.

Corona 19 Central Disaster Safety Measurement Headquarters (Dancer) analyzed 135,000 copies of Corona 19, until February of this year, from April to February this year, and the result of the 3rd inoculation completion of the 3rd inoculation And it appeared. This is a level similar to 0.05 to 0.1% of seasonal flu. Especially, it was less than 60 years old that completed the 3rd inoculation.

Man with vaccine side-effect has message for unvaccinated

On the other hand, the critical rate of unrealistic is 0.6%. If not inoculation, the fatal rate of the Omiton mutation was more than 6 times the seasonal flu.

In addition, 10.0% of the 12-year-old aged 12-year-old, from January 2 to February 26, was the primary proposal and the primary resident. It was also confirmed that 53.1% and 54.9% of the deaths were also identified as a union.

In detail, the proportion of unreconer was 166,698 (8.5%) in 195,554 confirmation. Of the 2,56 patients with fortune were 1,2 (48.7%), and the primary end of the primary is 90 (4.4%).

Among 1,555 deaths, the unrealist was 780 (50.2%), and 73 of the primary residents (4.7%) (4.7%).

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