Castlevanias creator of Netflix comments on Attack on Titans were Twist

The world of ataque in Titan has become extremely complicated in the fourth and last season of the dark series of anime, with Eren Jaeger acquiring the power of the founding Titan and unleashing the rumble over the world. Now, the creator of castlevania Adi Shankar, recently shared his thoughts on the great turn of Eren, with the former hero now using his divine power to institute a genocide that he believes he would end with the war and protect the people of Paradis from his enemies.

Attack on Titan - The Ending Animated

While Shankar could be better known for his work in castlevania The producer is also currently working on future animated video game adaptations for Netflix in the form of capitán LaserHawk: A Blood Dragon Remix A series that is born from the world of muy far along with a diablo can Lying Animate Series that will give us a new vision of the Capcom demon hunter. ADI has also mentioned in the past its desire to create a new interpretation of another classical dark anime franchise in enloquecida, the story of Guts and the Band of the Hawk who saw pass to its Creator, Kentaro Miura, last year and left a Great emptiness in the middle of anime. While Shankar has not revealed any specific plan to give the new series another anime adaptation, it is clear that he remains aware of the anime.

In a recent interview with kofi outlaw of, the creator of castlevania and the newly released guardianes of justice series in Netflix, Adi Shankar, shared the thoughts of him about the massive change of Eren Jaeger in the fourth and last Attack on Titan season:

«No comments, I do not want you to Troleen. However, I am enjoying the final season, I just enjoy things. Now I have the ability to turn off the critical eye, the critical eye is just my own bias, so I am able to enjoy and appreciate what they are doing. “

What do you think of Eren Jaeger’s actions in this last season? Are you excited about the return of castlevania to Netflix with your next new series? Do not hesitate to let you know in the comments or contact me directly on twitter @evcomedy to talk about everything related to comics, anime and the world of titans.

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