Overwatch 2: A closed beta JCJ will take place at the end of April

Although the release of the game is not expected this year, Blizzard moves on the Overwatch 2 folder, as evidenced by the announcement of a first closed JCJ beta that will take place at the end of next month.

You need to sign-up for the OVERWATCH 2 PvP BETA right now!

Reserved for PC players, the beta will allow regulars to embody an unprecedented height (Sojourn) and discover 4 new cards (Royal Circuit, Midtown, New Queen Street, Colosseo) as part of a multiplayer mode 5 against 5 ( Push) already announced as revolutionary. In addition to a new ping system undoubtedly inspired by Apex Legends, the beta will discover the changes to heroes like Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion and Sombra. Direction this page for registrations.

“Our objective, for this phase, is to test the new features, content and systems of the game before we tackle the server tests during future beta that will bring together even more players”, confirms Blizzard. “We modify our strategy for Overwatch 2 release by dissociating the JCJ and JCE experiments to offer you the new JCJ content faster, while we continue to work on the JCE“, also commented on director Aaron Keller in his Video Communiqué.

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