GENSHIN IMPACT: What are the most popular characters in the spiral of the abyss?

For many Genshin Impact players, the spiral of the abyss ** is one of the most unjust domains of the game. There are few members of the community that are frustrated by seeing that their design does not allow to shine all the characters or the challenge is too demanding. It is an area where the Tier List comes into play and that you need a certain practice. However, it is also a great source of curiosities about the characters to be a place we should go with the intention of taking things very seriously.

The most popular characters in the spiral of the abyss

Taking advantage of this circumstance, a player wanted to create a report on the popularity of each of the characters present in the game. A large-scale vision in which you have measured what the most used heroes are. For this he has calculated the percentage of holders of a character who uses it on the last floor of the challenge. A Tier List of popularity that also says a few things of the power that it really holds each of the members of the campus in Update 2.5.

The first positions of the classification already draw us attention. It is obvious that Zhongli and Bennett are two of the best characters of the game, but its domain seems excessive. Players who have the GEO hero are used in 91.7% of cases, while for the king of the Element Pyro the percentage is reduced to 78.6 points. It is true that, when the final part of the dungeon is measured, Bennett leaves something more damaged. Although he is one of the best during the first half, in the second he is precisely Zhongli who becomes the indisputable “Tier S +”.

However, what surprises us most is to see Kazuha in such a good position. She completes the podium brushing the second classified despite the fact that we have always considered her somewhat weaker in the final stretch of the dungeon. We would have preferred to see XingQiu or A Raiden Shogun there, since they are the most commonly save our attempts to overcome the spiral of the abyss. However, this is about popularity and not just power and, even if it was the second case, there is also enough subjectivity.

Most Used Genshin Impact Characters in Spiral Abyss 2 [2.4]

What is unanimous is the emptiness to Aloy. Horizon heroin came to Genshin Impact with controversy and has not been able to go back, being used only by 0.1% of cases. Of course she is a great indication of the scarce success she had the distribution of her, which generated criticisms among the players who came to consider it a three-star character .

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