Wow: DPS in the mausoleum of the first

One week after the release of patch 9.2 on the live servers of WOW, its gates open with the mausoleum of the first too associated raid. Since then, not only the World First Race has been in full swing, but it also beat thousands of groups daily through the normal and heroic (and recently also mythical) mode. Some guilds were able to send the chairmaster in the dust, while others still bite on the front bosses the teeth – especially Anduin is a real house number for many groups.

We want to use the time to throw a first look at the DPS rankings in the mausoleum of the first. Which classes can shine which ways could be a buff and how has the new patch confused the chick order of the individual specs.

WOW: DPS in the mausoleum of the first – starting position

To really find out what the classes and plays can make current, we limit ourselves to the best ten percent of all normal logs at each class. So we make sure that the numbers are not falsified by weaker players or faulty logs (in which the player was toted on the ground for example). As these numbers are usually achieved with almost perfect equipment, the appropriate legendary, the best pacts (and mostly with the new animal set bonuses), the pure values ​​for us normal players are hardly meaningful.

Apart from that, many high-class logs are only achieved through the concentrated use of support magicies such as soul of power on individual players. So if you do not approach the specified numbers, you do not have to worry about. For the ratio of classes with each other, the values ​​are quite useful.

WoW: DPS at attentive guards

DPS in the mausoleum of the first – the attentive guard Source: Warcraftlogs / Buffed The first boss is hard to use for a good overview of the DPS of the individual classes. But the fight is just too dissimilar to a “normal” boss fight. Permanently, individual adds flow in, which fall into dead again in a few seconds. Really important is the damage anyway only in the second phase when the actual boss appears. Previously, “do not die” is the actual divise.

Lihuvim Raid Guide - Normal/Heroic Lihuvim Sepulcher of the First Ones Boss Guide

This unusual mixture of land damage, fast burst and then individual goal damage, the warriors obviously do best, while especially dot classes are at the bottom. Anyone who needs longer to get a lot of damage to the adds, who has little chance and should focus on maximum single-target damage for the second phase. – Raidguide to M attentive guard .

WOW: DPS at Dausegne, the fallen oracle

DPS in the mausoleum of the first – Dausegne, the fallen oracle Source: Warcraftlogs / Buffed The second boss of our list is most of the time a fight against a single goal – only from time to time appears a second add, which has to die quickly. In addition, there is still a lot to be underestimated amount of movement necessary. Of course, fire magicians come perfectly well and contact the tip of the DPS ranking.

Warlock who want to keep up getting the choice of their specs from balancing and should be slow but certainly with the demonology playing way. The same applies to the shamans. Monks have had bad luck, they are the weakest DPS class as they have no other spec, to which they can change. Paladines are not very better. – Raidguide to Dausegne.

WOW: DPS at designer xy’mox

DPS in the mausoleum of the first – designer XY’MOX Source: WarcraftLogs / Buffed XY’MOX is the first boss in the mausoleum, which really requires a lot of movement and where you can rarely rest and cause damage. Naturally, this falls slightly more lighter than the remote fighters, which is why three melees find themselves on the podium. Amazingly, balancing is quite good despite the chaotic struggle, if you express the deception rogues and the two witcher specs. While the witch champions simply can not keep up and need a massive buff, they did not really hurt a nerf. All in between looks good. – Raidguide to Xy’mox.

WOW: DPS at the prototype pantheon

DPS in the mausoleum of the first – prototype pantheon Source: WarcraftLogs / Buffed The prototype pantheon is only against two, then again two and at the end against all four bosses at the same time. If you want to do a lot of damage here, you have to put on Cleave talents. And suddenly we do not see the fires-witchers at the end of the ranking, but far above – just like the other showcase-cleave classes: equilibrium-druids and weapons warriors. In the fight against many goals, balancing usually does not look very good, as differences equally quadruple. It’s the same here. The differences are quite large – if not so huge, as we have already seen that in the past with battles of this kind. – Raidguide to the remains of ner’zhul.

WOW: DPS at Skolex, the insatiable robber

DPS in the mausoleum of the first – Skolex, the insatiable robber Source: WarcraftLogs / Buffed Skolex is the epitome of a patchwork fight. Few mechanisms, but high demands on healers and damage distributors. Since the mechanics of the struggle in most groups demands that close fighters must run in between from the boss, the melees are not as good as expected. Fire magicians climb the first place here.

In general, replaying, which plays or classes urgently need a buff. Next to the monks, Paladine and Demon Hunters would be happy and deserved him. The remaining specs in the lower third could at least change the way of play, even if that is not the last conclusion. – Raidguide to Skolex .

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