Merk criticizes current referee

The former world-class referee Markus Merk misses real types as a headmiter in professional football.

“The whole referee’s being has changed unbelievably, it has become very much more uniform. In my time there were ten absolute personalities, which you did not do today,” Merk said before his 60th birthday on Tuesday of the “German Press Agency “.

Today’s referees are “more streamlined”, but this is normal in today’s society and given the media observation of the Bundesliga. Merk whistled earlier in world and European championships and was between 1994/1995 and 2007/2008 seven times DFB referee of the year. Overall, he led 338 Bundesliga games.

Worst Referee Decisions
From the bodies of his home club 1. FC Kaiserslautern, currently ascent candidate in the 3rd league, remembered remembered. “It is now that the club is economically renovated and stable,” he explained. “But I’m with help and deeds day and night.”

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