Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass will destroy PlayStation according to analysts

The Analyst Michael Pachter, known in the game industry, spoke in the live stream of dealer Gaming via the Xbox Game Pass and the competition between Sony and Microsoft.

Pachter had clear words, which is concerned with competition in this console renewal and believes that PlayStation was consecrated to the destruction. He even went so far to say that it will no longer give PlayStation, just as you know now, in ten years.

PlayStation just have no chance to compete with Microsoft.

Sony Is Coming After Xbox Game Pass

“I think PlayStation is consecrated to the destruction, and I think it will no longer exist in about 10 years as we know you. You can not compete, you have no chance to compete. “

The Game Pass will be the biggest thing in the game landscape and Sony just could not keep up, so lacquer.

In contrast to Sony, Microsoft also has more studios and Bethesda and Activision also a much more comprehensive backcatalog to fill the Xbox Game Pass Service.

Bethesda alone is already as big as Playstations First Party offer.

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