More Place Studio, 2022 Eternal Return Masters MARCH

카밀로 연미복을 써봤다! 【이터널 리턴/Eternal Return】
E Sports Professional Availability The Place Studio is developed by Neptune’s subsidiary of Neptune’s subsidiary of Neptune, and holds a participant in the event competition of PC Online Survival Battle Arena Games ‘Eternal Return’ in the PC Online Survival Battle Arena Game ‘Eternal Return’ I said 15th.

The event contest is sponsored by the Place Studio and sponsored by the desk neurons, and a total of 27 players are divided into three groups, resulting in contention in solo mode.

Through the opening of the 21st, the top 9 groups are directly on the finals, and the lower 18 people will be able to go back to the finals once again through wildcards on the 23rd.

In the long-awaited final of the long-awaited fifteen day, participants will play a fierce game in a total of 3 million won.

Especially, in this competition, nine overseas players will participate, and each regional solo rank is interested in the top of each regional solo rank.

Participants can apply for participation in the Community Competition Platform Discolate ( until 4 pm on the 18th, and will select 18 Korean players who will advance to the main line through the online preliminary preliminary preliminary preliminary in the evening.

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