GTA V, PS5 and Xbox Series X

Rock Star Games announced on the 16th that the Grand Theft Auto V and GTA online for X-Box series X | S.

First, you can customize your own gameplay with three graphical mode performance with improved high-definition phases and up to 4K resolution, up to 60 frames per second, HDR option, and Ray tracing.

In addition, fast loading speeds, immersive controls, and 3D audio, and more immersion can be easier to play games.

The proprietary element of the next generation console is the Hao in the renovation of the LS automobile meeting, providing special custom services as ‘Hao’s SpecialWorks’.

Here, you can add a HSW upgrade to a modified mobile means and add a new modification of various types, including Excel or Chameleon painting.

From today, Ubermatting Sentinel XS, Shichu Haku Shuwu Drag, Grotti Turismo Classic, and HSW upgrades and modifications to Bravado Banshee.

As a result, the next generation console is only available for new mobile means, Cyclone II, Karon S95, Imphonte Abiter GT, etc., and HSW upgrades and modifications are available.

The PS4 and Xbox One Player returned to the Hao’s SpecialWorks to unlock the HSW-upgraded new Karen S95 free of charge.

GTA 5 Online PS5/Xbox Series X - How To Get FREE NEW Cars & FREE Upgrades At Hao's Special Works!
In addition, the player is unlocked with the Dark Purple Pearl and Red Prism Pearl Chameleon Pearl, which can be used for all HSW moving means, and one of them can be applied for free.

You can now use the HSW Lace Series and display the HSW premium testing vehicle every week at the LS Auto Meeting.

PS5 and X-Box Series X | S LS Auto Meeting members can test the weekly moving means of modified HSW moving means and can not immediately purchase the dealer website.

A player who wants to restart GTA online with a player or a new character that starts GTA online from the next generation console.

The player can choose the illegal business of CEO, inorganic traffe, night club owners, and bikers, and can choose from various real estate and powerhouse transfer means, weapons required for business start.

The latest update and the most popular update have been improved to make all the content of GTA online to be immediately available from the main menu, and it is possible to use all the previous and current updates.

Players with Rock Star Games Social Club Accounts can send their GTA online profiles, including characters and progress with PS5 or Xbox series X | s with PS4 or Xbox, from PS4 or Xbox.

For returning players to send their profiles, we pay new Carren S95 and proprietary cool noise HSW racing suites that have been renovated by Hao’s SpecialWorks.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X | Save the Biker’s sales mission and the basic compensation of the Nightclub, and will continue to apply additional regulations, such as balancing the balance adjustment of mobile means in PVP combat in the future.

In the first time, it is possible to use GTA online for the first time in PS5 and Xbox Series X | s, and free monopoly from PS5 to PS5 until June 14, 2022, from X-Box Series X | It is provided at a discounted price.

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