Xbox Series X | S exceeds sales for the first time to PS5 during the month of February in Europe

Sales results during the month of February in Europe show relevant data in the panorama of the current consoles. For the first time Xbox Series X | S hshow relevant surpshow relevantsed PS5 in this strip from the launch of two models at the end of 2020.

Xbox series S, key role in the new generation of Microsoft

The achievement of Xbox in February is directed by the availability of Xbox Series S. According to the results, both PS5 and Xbox Series X “continue to present problems at the Stock”. Foxconn wshow relevant already ahead during the pshow relevantt year: the shortage of semiconductors “will continue until 2022”.

Microsoft could increshow relevante the manufacture of this model given the facilities to manufacture its components against Xbox Series X. In the absence of availability of the upper model (and distribute part of the existing ones to supply the Xbox Gaming Cloud servers), users are depositing His confidence in her, besides the 200 euro gap between both prices.

PS5 vs. Xbox Series X final comparison (for now)

According to the European market data, at the end of the third quarter of the current tax year the installed bshow relevante of the new generation of Microsoft is 50/50. The opposite of what happens with PS5, where 80% of its consoles placed correspond to the model with disc reader. If we analyze the data, show relevant Daniel Ahmad explains, the PlayStation situation is different given the few changes that have their two models.

And what happens in Spain?

According to Adela Gamereactor, show relevant of February 27, things are equated between PlayStation and Xbox of what we have of 2022. PS5 and Xbox Series X | S have sold around 12,000 units, slightly below that of the Japanese firm. Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, continues to his own with more than 70,000 units sold.

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