FIFA 22. Totw: Equipment of week 26, from March 16 to 23, 2022

It does not matter as Christian Ronaldo be the ambassador and the cover image of UFL: This week has shone with his own light at Manchester United and that translates into his triumphal return to team of the week with a new letter in form. An interesting way to shake the Alempero in FIFA Star Mode 22 on Vespers of Fanto Fut.

Now, CR7 is not the only letter to take into account in the new weekly combined that EA Sports proposes: Ferran Torres, Parejo Ginter or SZCZESNY round a powerful team with two unique strikers and a medium Wurning center in figures.

As every Wednesday, in LIFEOXTRA We have gathered all the cards of the initial eleven of the Totw 26 and, already posts, we have broken down its corresponding attributes to detail. Even it is enough to bid for them as to calculate how much you can get for them from the transfer market.

You have up to on March 23 to trust in luck. With everything, we remind you that on March 18, Fantasy Fut arrives, the next great event of the year for FIFA Ultimate Team.

Cristiano Ronaldo (DC) Totw 26. With Media 92

osimhen (DC) totw 26. With Media 85

FIFA 22 TOTW 26 Predictions | Team of the Week 26 | TOTW 26 Prediction

Ferran Torres (EI) Totw 26. With Media 84

PAREJO (MC) Totw 26. With Media 87

Forsberg (MCO) Totw 26. With Media 84

Faucet (MC) Totw 26. With Media 86

GINTER (DFC) TOTW 26. With Media 87

Cash (LD) Totw 26. With Media 82

Miranda (Li) Totw 26. With Media 81

COADY (DFC) TOTW 26. With Media 82

SZCZESNY (Por) Totw 26. With Media 89

All the cards of the team of the week 26 including alternates and reservations

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