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Personalization of the Presidential Acquisition Committee Science and Technology Education Certificate of Acquisition Committee and attract information on information and communication technology (ICT) and carbon neutrality.

The acquisition committee, which was accompanied by science and technology education, is a professor of strength of Park Sung-jung, professor Kim, Chang-Kyung, Hanyang University, and Seoul National University.

In the midst of this year, the selection of Park and Kim, a report of the telecommunications of broadcasting and digital platform governments. About professors, the explanation of carbon neutral experts followed.

Priority, Park, who is selected for the instruments and the secretary, is currently in charge of the KIMS of the National Assembly Science and Technology Information Broadcasting Committee. He also serves ICT-related legislation reviews.

[Day 1] 2021-22 International Mayors Forum

He is a member of the re-election he is considered as a person in the center of the policies in the field of relevant policy and related policy.

The personnel says, “I am a member of the National Assembly of the Broadcasting Telecommunications and the Development of the Broadcasting Telecommunications,” he said. It shows that it is to take care of the detailed policy in the field of communication. “

Digital platform of Yoon Suk-yeol’s election, the strength of the government to establish a commitment to the public,

“We have a research activities that have a science and administrative experience and administrative experience, and have been developing a 4th industrial revolutionary experienced by the fourth Industrial Revolutionary Conductor titles, recently.” The combined digital platform explained that it will help to concrete government commitments. “

Seoul National University Materials Engineering Professor, Professor, Professor, a 40 scholar, was given a role in carbon neutral policy.

“The young scientist who developed a technology that transforms a carbon dioxide with no useless carbon dioxide into a high value-added compound,” said Yoon Seok-yeol, “Yoon Suk-yeol would be reborn as a residence in the field of carbon-neutral fuel in the world.”

The participation of the acquisition committee is strongly promoted, and the families per prestigious future are the right to replace the mouth of the Ahn Cheol-soo. He was a spokesperson that was last announced on the inner person with two senior venues.

Ahn, Chul-soo is a person who is in the oldest capital Assembly, which was the first to be a member of the National Assembly, as a person who is in proportional representative.

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