PlayStation responds to sexism cases in the company

Last week, it was announced that eight employees and ex-employees of PlayStation had joined the demand against the company by sexism and gender discrimination. From the first reports of this demand, Sony had not said anything about it, but recently recognized the problem and issued a response about it.

Via Twitter , the journalist of Axios, Stephen Totilo , published a document where Sony recognizes that there is a sexism problem within the offices of PLAYSTATION in United States. Within this statement, the Japanese firm states that these allegations will be taking as seriously as possible by employees and will even take letters in the case for cases of ex-operations as well, promising that women have a high value within the Company and will always be looking for a way to grow and prosper.

Sony/Playstation Hit With Gender Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Yet Another Progressive Company

“Sony Interactive Entertainment takes seriously the content of the recently presented statements. SIE has addressed or address the problems posed in them in due time. “

However, Sony is looking for a way to solve this whole matter outside of legal cuts, since according to them, these accusations were made out of time and no longer have legal validity. But this does not mean that they are going to stay crossed, and we will have to wait to know how all this will come to an end.

Editor’s note : At least Sony already recognized the problem, but as it happened with Activision Blizzard, this was something that should not even have happened. It is unfortunate that this type of case will continue and continue to emerge as time passes, and it seems that we still lack a lot to disappear completely.

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