Apex Legend Mobile, is released this summer

The Apex Legend Mobile version is released on the summer global market this year.

Apex Legend Mobile is a new feature that improves the Battle Royal Game Apex Legend to the Battle Launches developed by Response Entertainment. Cross play with the PC, the console is not supported by the PC, the console with a new operation to fit the mobile device to use the touch screen to write a touch screen. Like the original, the paid item that affects the play, and the paid item affects the play, and shows the depreciation, and the dispensing item.

Since the last 17th, Google Play advance reservations began, and we plan to advance reservations in the Apple App Store. When the participant records a certain or more, it gives an inorganic skin, a character skins, a banner, and so far, 7.5 million people participated. However, in Korea, the pre-reservation is not progressed, and formal launch is also notified.

Apex Legends Mobile: Pre-Registration Trailer

Prior to this, it is tested in a total of 10 countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, and Peru. Tests can only participate in the player living in the participating country, and after the launch, the progress is initialized.

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