Apex Legends Mobile opens its pre-registration before the launch

The deployment of Apex Legends Mobile on App Store and Google Play no longer be too long. Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment come to open the pre-registration for the mobile declination of their battle royal, which will soon be accessible to players around the world, with the exception of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao, not to mention the Russia and Belarus for the reasons we know.

Apex Legends Mobile: Pre-Registration Trailer
This pre-registration will allow players to recover exclusive cosmetics at each new step reached during the mobilization campaign, objects distributed throughout the coming months. As the followers of the game, Apex Legends on Mobile presents itself as a totally independent experience, which has an optimized interface and mobile-specific commands, as well as cards, game modes and content totally dedicated to this. platform. For the record, an soft launch has already occurred in some regions of the globe at the end of February.


Apex Mobile Legends – Pre-registration trailer

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