The Hogwarts legacy will be free of microtransactions

After a fantastic showcase, the excitement for Hogwarts Legacy is soaring. The action RPG located within the Sorcerers School looks like what the fans of the game have been looking for a long time, and we are delighted to explore every square centimeter of the castle. However, some concerns remain, including the potential inclusion of microtransactions. Fortunately, this anxiety can be dissipated.

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On the official game of the game, a FAQ confirms the absence of microtransactions and purchases at stake within Hogwarts Legacy. Some feared Warner Bros. Games implements them, as is the case with other stocks at full price of the publisher. In this case, the game will be without microtransaction. However, we do not exclude paid DLCs in the future.

The FAQ also confirms that the title is a purely solo experience, without online functionalities or cooperatives.

Have you been afraid that Hogwarts Legacy has microtransactions? Pass the class in the comments section below.

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