Chapter 14, Part 2: Battle Guide for You, My Heart – Triangle Strategy

In Triangle Strategy, Chapter XIV, Part II: For You, My Heart, you will come back to face with General Avlorian. You have successfully prevented her escape on the Nuzhelia River, and your group will attack her rescue ship with your own boat. Two vessels are connected by one pulley, which you can cross one by one, but you can not cross back. A new battle, fighting on the Norse River, will begin after you choose your detachments. To win, “defeat Awlour”. To lose, see how all your units perished. .

Choosing a detachment and combat strategy

For you, My Heart / Skrimish on the Norzelia River - Triangle Strategy Gameplay Part 34 (Chapter 14)

Far battle strikers, such as Archibald necessary for this battle, so make sure that his passive ability “Mad Winds” was protected through Jens – this will increase its damage caused during a storm, and this battle occurs in the turbulence of 1. Frederick It is also important to have a high range of attack with him. It goes without saying that your rider in the hawk, Hewette will be able to fly to another ship without using pulley.

You can also use Thunder , if she has already found her way to your ranks. She is a fierce expert on martial arts, whose physical strikes are strong and even long-ranges when it increases the level. Advanced Lionel abilities can also come in handy here – if he is wearing a gold ring pink, amulet of good luck and the increased characteristics of good luck, its powerful coarse force The ability can bring you greater booty. You can also bring Medina Whose ability to throw healing items to two allies per pass may be crucial.

Win Awlor to defeat!

Three AesFrosti Hawknights of the 22nd level starts from the board of the enemy ship, so let the hughette in his red scarf act before everyone who has a weakness to arrows. One archer of the 22nd level stands on their deck, and the two archers are sitting high above them, so their blows will be painful. Two Schields also stand on the deck together with the healer, which, without losing time, imposes a regenerative magic of life to AVLORU, level 23. .

Milo also came with you, and she does not need a block to go to another ship. Use it Lunar Jump The ability to instantly go and start attacking hawknights. Keep her healed so that it does not fall early. Her Green Fog The ability, in particular, makes a serious damage and has a chance to poison enemies, but not Austror, ​​which is immune.

As soon as you kill a sufficient number of their units, three more – blade, a copier and another archer appear from their decks – at level 22. Win the healer as soon as possible . Otherwise, Australia will restore 100 oz for three consecutive moves under the action of magic life. It is not difficult to destroy all the units on this ship if your level is on the recommended 22nd, but all you need to do is to defeat it.

Along with preservation, consider the possibility of pumping your characters using mental training battles in the camp. Use trophies, especially from the latest available Hosseabara battle to increase the level of weapons of their strongest fighters. And be sure to stock accessories and sufficient HP Recovery granules from Lionel.

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