Top 5 of the best motorcycles in GTA Online (2022): The best and fastest motorcycles in the game

_ GTA Online _ has numerous motorcycles options and sometimes you will try to make a decision you want to buy. The prices can be extravagant for the best of the best motorcycles and therefore it can be difficult to make the right decision for your personal wishes regarding your motorcycle. This guideline article lists some of the best on GTA online motorcycles with respect to speed and a combination of traction and acceleration values.

Best GTA online motorcycles

In order to quickly get into experience again and enjoy your way between the cars on your new motorcycle, a short list of all functions you need to know for each selected motorcycle. Whether you feel the speed of your engine through the adaptive triggers on PlayStation or just want to get to missions faster. This list contains everything you need to know about the best motorcycles. The list is as follows:

Western Reever – This motorcycle is one of the fastest in the game with a maximum speed of around 162 miles per hour, it was introduced with the The Contract update and since then players flow to him. It has a proud price of 1,900,000 US dollars, but is not as expensive as some of the other motorcycles.

Top 10 Fastest Motorcycles In GTA Online (2022)

Nagasaki-Shotaro – If you want to race like Tron through the streets, then this bike is just right for you, with a unique design and lights, the every aperture. This bike has a top speed of around 124 miles per hour and a price of $ 2,225,000, which is more than the reover. You will probably not achieve the same maximum speeds, but if you want to put a character in the world GTA online. This bike is certainly for you.

Pegassi-Bati 801 – You will be surprised to see this special motorcycle with a price of only $ 15,000 on the list, but it can assert itself in terms of performance against some of the best of the best. The maximum speed of this bike is about 135 miles per hour and boasts in the game description “to go in 2.3 seconds from 0 to 80”.

Shitzu Hakuchou Drag – This is one of the fans’ most popular motorcycles in experience, as many players use it as their personal bicycle to travel around the world. The maximum speed is about 125 miles per hour and has a slim design that fits its high speeds. The price is also $ 976,000 to buy and test players themselves.

Deathbike – To get this vehicle, you must upgrade the “Gargoyle” motorcycle in the workshop of Arena. Once you have the bike, however, you will be glad to know that it reaches for you on the road speeds of about 150 miles per hour. In addition, the “Gargoyle” costs $ 120,000, although it can be bought instead to the trading price of $ 90,000.

Overall, Western Reever currently has one of the highest speeds in the game in terms of motorcycles and should definitely be a bicycle for which you want to save money.

_ GTA V _ is available now and playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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