Hertha BSC: How Lars Windhorst calls for overthrow

Now Lars Windhorst asks the power question. The Investor of Hertha BSC builds other funds to a departure of President Werner counterbauer.

First change, then millions of syringe: Hope in the relegation battle lives again, but the big bang threatens Hertha BSC now off the lawn. Investor Lars Windhorst demands before the General Assembly in May the departure of the President Werner counterbauer – only then there is new money. This now public dispute could occupy the Berliners even longer.

Lars Windhorst Machtkampf gegen Werner Gegenbauer. Hertha BSC kommt nicht zur Ruhe. Meine Meinung!
“I will certainly do not invest new capital with this leadership, but I would certainly invest new capital in the first and also in the second league, if good people are also in the club’s peaks, who cooperatively move together in a strand,” said Windhorst on Sunday at “Image TV”.

The money is his pressure medium, because because of the 50 + 1 rule windhorage on the paper hardly has something to say.

Windhorst shocked over work at Hertha BSC

Despite the 375 million euros, with which he and his Tennor Group has bought 66.6 percent of the professional department since the entry getting in 2019, the 45-year-old remains only the appeal to the members to get rid of antwebauer. Only you can deselect the president since 2008 and until 2024 in the Office. He should then be accepted with a three-quarters majority.

In the spring of 2021, such last failed. In principle, counterbauer is also controversial among the members – 2020 he was re-elected with only 54 percent of the votes.

Imprint gave birth to his concern with his reference, “that the club definitely needs new money to survive”. At the same time, it is “shocking that so much money was burned in such a short time.” A sobering insight as Hertha played against the descent in all three windhorage years. Questions he asked in writing to the financial management, “to understand what has happened to the money,” according to Windhorst had not yet been answered in detail.

Counterbauer holds back

A quick solution in the conflict Windhorst against counterbauer is now hard to be expected, with the ratio already longer than shattered. The Investor renewed older allegations, after which it is “very strong about his own power” and much less “for the success of the association”, Winthhorst, the “Celiefships” and “Kl√ľngelei” weathered. Counterbauer whirred in his first reaction, only the Tables 16. Under new coach Felix Magath, keep the league.

“As soon as the league is finally secured, I will clearly explain our view, and we will talk about the course and environment of the investment at Hertha BSC,” said Hertha President on “SID” request. At the General Assembly, for which so far a speech Windhorsts has been expected, the signs on confrontation.

Of course, only: Windhorst, who incidentally returned from the Hertha Advisory Council, does not want to run himself as President. However, he would support a proposal of members appropriate from his point of view.

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