Production of “Returnal” Cooperating Play Cross-Lead Game Designer-The history of Housemarques history says

Housemarque’s lead game Designer Torrent Porac posted an article on for cooperative play added by “ RETURNAL ” update “Ascension”.

It is said that it was the biggest concern point how to handle cooperative play in this work, but in cooperation play that can be started in the form of viewing the world, the place of installation of chronosis that is the starting point of participation is also considered It is said that Furthermore, in order to establish a cooperative play without losing the experience of this work, it has been revealed that the response of the fallen player and the handling of drama elements were also considered.

Also, in, an article that HouseMarQue will be a member of PlayStation Studios, and the representative of the representative of the studio Cuittinen talks about. The 1990s Game Demo Scene of Housemarque is the 1990s Games Demo Scene, Finland’s Games Industry, and PLAYSTATION relationships. “Returnal” is also introduced with the need for developing at the time of development, such as Shuhei Yoshida could not play.

Returnal - Gameplay Deep Dive With Housemarque | PS5

“RETURNAL” is being delivered for PS5.

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