FC Bayern: Like a horses

The occurrence of Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann did not like everyone in the course of his current career.

“I always had the problem that people who have seen me for the first time must always have said that is extremely arrogant,” said the coach of Football Bundesliga club FC Bayern Munich in the clubspodcast. Due to these statements he got advice in a coach, which confronts executives with horses.

“Horses are not living beings who rate. Horses react to your aura,” Nagelsmann justified his decision. “And if you come to a coupling, and all the horses run away, then you obviously have a tick to dominant in your appearance.”

Julian Nagelsmann in the FC Bayern Video Podcast
At the beginning of the seminar, it describes Nagelsmann, the horses have tried to break the fences. Three days later, the animals are all come to him. “And have started me all the time two hours in the dark on the coupling.”

Through many conversations, Nagelsmann learned to work differently on his opposite. “Of course, this effect is also trying to take in the cabin,” said the Upper Bavarian. Body language and looks are more significant than words.

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