Fortnite: Deliver a tank to a map with seven outpost locations

The Quests of the Week 2 for Chapter 3, Season 2, are now in Fortnite live, and with a challenge, players must provide a tank to a Seven outpost. Chapter 3, Season 2 revolves around the ongoing war between The Seven and the IO, and the players work on the side of The Seven to Slones betrayal at the end of chapter 2. The delivery of a tank to a Seven outpost becomes the war efforts Cut and may change the area lines that cover the card.

Luckily, there are countless tanks and several seven outposts scattered across the island. Here is where deliver a tank to a Seven outpost in Fortnite .

Fortnite deliver the tank to the location of Seven Outpost

On the Fortnite card there are numerous Seven outposts and tank spawn locations, but the easiest place to complete this quest is near The Daily Bugle. A tank is located at the IO control point near the southern outgoing site under the IO airship, and a Seven outpost is northeast behind the temple. The exact location can be found in the map below.

The tank will always be there as long as he has not been kidnapped by other players, and the Seven outpost is just a short drive away. Make sure you use the boost function of the tank to escape all players that fall at The Daily Bugle, as many people are likely to try to use this tank to master the challenge for themselves. As soon as you reach the outpost in the tank, the quest is completed.

This quest will reward you after completion of 23,000 EP, just like most other quests available this week. This week, there are many other challenges you need to work, including the search for the missing Battle bus plans and driving a vehicle over the Behemoth Bridge. So do it as soon as possible to get some XP for the Battle Pass of Chapter 3, Season 2.

All seven outpost locations

If you prefer to get a tank in another place and want to drive it to another corner of the card, there are a total of six outposts scattered across the island. You can see your exact locations on the map below. They are all on the edge of the island, as the IO controls the majority of the center of the island.

You can drive a tank to each of these outposts to accept the challenge, but you will have it very hard to reach the eastern outpost of the seven, as it is located on an island and tanks are not the best to float over water. However, there is tanks anywhere on the card, so you can choose one of the other outposts for this quest.

Deliver a Tank to a Seven Outpost Location - Fortnite

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