Bottom gangs with a leader pending shim “Drug Dealer Manager” Trailer Released-Development of big cities and to vertices of cartel

Movie Games announced the drag dealer sim “ Drug Dealer Manager ” in PC (STeam) and published the trailer.

This work is a real-time economic strategy game that is set to the city where the cartel competes with supremacy. The player will be a series of drag dealers, hiring carriers, other sellers, killers, spies, etc., securing a distribution route, get high quality drugs and sell selling. Buy or acquire a building, set up an activity base, and open the path to the drug king.

And in the world where the information is powered, we will betray the fellow, collect information, and make it a weapon for negotiations. In addition, we will improve the reputation of the community and improve the reputation, and aim for the city as a charisma.

# # Game Features

  • Comprehensive tycoon game with unique crime mechanic

  • Huge cities including custom designed 3D maps

  • More interactive constructions of more than 2000 drawn in unique art styles

Cartels - Official Reveal Trailer
* Sometimes we are powered: Rumors are collected, digging the past, and excluding conflicts

  • Mechanism of complex police: Investigation target, to build a relationship with convenience

“Drug Dealer Manager” aims at the top of the drug cartel is planned for 2022 for PC (STeam). The formal release date is undecided.

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