Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Update Improvements New Element, Revealing Patch Notes

The country of the wonders of Tiny Tina received an update this week, and this time, it does more than just correct errors. Hotfix that was launched on Friday includes a benefit for Dark Magic, the newest element introduced in the borderlands’ universe and one that plays with fantasy themes at work within wonders. The update also has other changes to consider, but the only change of equilibrium is related to the Dark Magic item that can make players reconsider some of their equipment options.

Dark magic inflicts damage in wonders_ Like other elementary effects such as fire, ice and others, but Dark Magic also has the advantage of mining the health of enemies hit by its effects. That is an attractive proposal, but Gearbox apparently agreed with the opinions of some players that Dark Magic did not climb as well as other elements. To fix that, the scale was improved in that type of weapons.

You can see that benefit and three other detailed changes in the patch notes below for review

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Notes of patch

  • The scale of dark magic in weapons has been improved to coincide with other elementary weapons.
  • Legendary spells have been updated to change the color of their respective element when they are seen in the Inspection of Articles.
  • Legendary spells have been updated to use the coincide icon with their launching style when they are seen in the Inspection of Articles
  • Chaos Bunnies and Chests have been updated to include the specific boot of Chaos Chamber

While this is good news for any type of player, since anyone can take a weapon of dark magic and go to the city with it regardless of the chosen class, it is a particularly good news for those who may have chosen the graveborn class When creating your character. This is because the characters of Graveborn use Dark Magic and their effects on all their kits, even in Class Feat, Action Skills and Passive Skills. Increasing the scale in weapons will not necessarily make Graveborn players stronger through direct benefits, but there is a good possibility that people who use that class use dark magic weapons anyway, so that You will make you even stronger in that way.

The Twitter account of Wonders – also addressed the two types of updates that the players will get from now on, seeing how this is the first type of update that made significant changes in the balance within the game.

“There are two methods in which we deliver updates to the players,” the Twitter account clarified. “One will be the weekly changes that will cover smaller adjustments (such as this update) and the other will be downloadable updates of the game that will include corrections of errors and more impressive changes».

The Wonderland of Tiny Tina The last update is now available on all platforms.

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