Dortmund chicken pile? Hummels sees no 1: 4

“Of course that’s disappointing for us. We had a lot with the audience,” Mats Hummels said at the beginning of his interview with “Sky” immediately after the defeat in the top game against Leipzig. Just overlooking the first time after 763 long (Corona-) days sold out signal iduna park.

The 33-year-old quickly emphasized that guests from Saxony were not completely superior to BVB. “Of course, I know that there is always a defeat on the sack – even because of my statements…”, Hummels introduced.

Reacting to Borussia Dortmund's loss to RB Leipzig | ESPN FC
But: “I believe that was a victory of effectiveness and opportunity recycling today. That was not a 4-1 game from the performance ratios. Of course, we have to live that we are criticized for the result because that in the Football just like that. But I believe that the Leipzig knows that it can run completely different in the first half. ” And that’s why Hummels was certainly not wrong, his team was supposed to superior to the early end of the year – and would have made everyone ahead through Marco Reus the 1-0 (7 / minute). Also, the later predicted Erling Haaland had a good opportunity (13th) in this phase.

“We are somewhere somewhere”

But the goal did not fell, instead, RB struck four times – which was also due to Dortmund errors and passivity in defensive behavior. That could not conceal Hummels: “Unfortunately we have become hectic. We have that in part in us that we lose the balls too fast.” He did not know if he should take the word “chicken pile” with respect to his colleagues in his mouth – in phases, however, the term was quite suitable.

Because even mistakes before goals, to hectic game phases or the out-of-concept-bring-bring to cashed hits according to Hummels “just always” happen – whether now sold-out stadium or ghost gild.

“We often leave a bit of our position, we do not play so concentrated anymore. We are somewhere somewhere.” And a wild game go for Hummels then “always to the team that can counter”. And that was on this Saturday night RB Leipzig. “We also know that it was not good at the end and that we were too little torque in the second half. We have declined.”

“The beating now, but honest…”

In the next few hours and days but only the result to see and therefore to criticize everything about the performance of the Westphalia, Hummels goes much too far. After all, you have to say, “You have earned earned, but you can not say that we have been played 4: 1 to the wall. You have already seen that we have worked and did not play lustlessly. We also played Many horny ball gains. It is then 0: 2 at halftime with nothing, so with a counter and a shot in the middle we put in ourselves. I know exactly: People on Twitter now strike it, but honestly.., Unfortunately that is a realistic statement. “

During his conversation occasional “rose out” calls from the tribune hummels relatively cold. His dry comment: “I speak again next season…”

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