MLB The Show 22 has one of the lightest platinum on PS4 and PS5

The hunt for platinum trophies has now become a kind of sport. It is now even developed specially players who are only to give you a particularly simple and fast platinum trophy. All the better, if we get a full-fledged game to the simple platinum. Exactly this is the case with MLB The Show 22 , which will come to the market again this week.

These are the trophies of MLB The Show 22

Already the successes in MLB The Show 21 were not particularly demanding, but this year Sony San Diego has set the latte further down again – that can also be found as a layman in the baseball. For example, a silver trophy beckons only for we complete a game in co-pop mode, and for a homerun with a starting pitcher there is already gold.

With only 22 trophies, the game is at the bottom of the spectrum – at least as far as full price games are concerned. Within a few hours you should be able to solder the platinum, even if you are not baseball professionals (via psnprofiles).

You are looking for more simple platinum trophies? Here you will find it:

  • PS4 / PS5: Trophy hunters watched! For only 29 cents, there is now a simple platinum
  • Uncharted Collection allows you to get a simple PS5 platinum if your savegames imported
  • SPECTREWOODS: Tell you 5 minutes through this nightmare for a platinum trophy

All trophies of MLB The Show 22 in the overview


  • King of the Diamond! Earn All of the show 22 Trophies.


  • Four-Bagger Express! In Any Stadium, Hit an Inside The Park Home Run.
  • Big Fly Ohtani San! Hit A Home Run With Any Starting Pitcher.
  • Double-Sided Bat Flip! Achieve A Hit, A Single Or Better From Both Sides Of The Plate With The Same Batter in A Single Game.
  • Locked in! Achieve A Hit While Using PCI Anchor.
  • Pitching Rook! PROMOTE TO ROOKIE Pitching Difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty.
  • Batting Rook! Promote to Rookie Batting Difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty.


  • Professional Framer! Throw More Than 60% First-Pitch Strikes in a Complete-Game Victory.
  • Flashing the Leather! Turn Two Double Plays Within a Complete Game.
  • Just a bit outside… While Pitching, Strike Out A Batter With A Pitch Outside The Zone.
  • Sombrero dealer! Strikeout The Same Batter Three Times Within A Game.
  • Did We Just Become Friends? Enter Into Any Co-op Game.
  • BASE COLLECTOR! Collect Three Stolen Bases Within a Complete Game.
  • Big Fly! Achieve A Perfect-Perfect Hit for A Home Run.
  • Backwards K! Trigger A Perfect Pinpoint Accuracy Pitch That Strikes Out A Batter Looking.
  • Minor Batting Adjustments! Promote to Minors Batting Difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty.
  • Minor Pitching Adjustments! Promote to Minors Pitching Difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty.


  • Fight Fire With Fire! Hit A Home Run Off a Pitch Going 100 mph Or More.
  • The Portal is open! Create a Diamond Dynasty Team.
  • Do not rub it! AS A batter, get on base by a hit by pitch (HBP).
  • Ugly Finder! AS A batter, Record to Out on a Perfect-Perfect Hit.
  • Bring in the Closer! In Any Fashion, Earn A Save With Your Closer To Win The Game.

MLB The Show 22 Gameplay (PS5 UHD) [4K60FPS]
* Ribbie! With A Runner On Base, Achieve A Perfect-Perfect Hit and Score A Run.
* Coming in Hot! AS A Fielder, Catch A 110mph Or Harder Hit Baseball for OUT.
* Pitching Dabbler! Promote to Amateur Pitching Difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty.
* Bat Dabbler! Promote to Amateur Batting Difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty.

MLB The Show 22 will be released on April 1 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. And the successes indeed mute like an April joke.

You can see more about the baseball sim in the gameplay trailer:

MLB the show 22 again in the Game Pass

If you have it rather than Gamerscore instead of trophies, you can easily secure 1,000 points with MLB The Show 22 on the Xbox. Even the last year’s offshoot appeared to the launch in the Game Pass, and that will be this time. Reason for the unusual step – MLB The Show is the first Xbox title of PlayStation Studios – are probably contracts with the MLB that your brand wants to see as many platforms as possible.

Do you chase your more and more platinum trophies or a higher gamerscore?

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