One Piece Creator Share new sketches for the next game, Odyssey

Eiichiro Oda is a busy man, not only with manga chapters published regularly from his Shonen creation, a piece_, but with the Mangaka also acting as an executive producer in the next live action adaptation of his series that will be launched in Netflix. However, the tireless Oda agenda has been a legend, and the artist recently shared a look at the sketches he provided for the next video game of the long-term series that will arrive later this year, counting an original story for the pirates of the Straw Hat in _ A piece: odyssey_.

To piece has launched innumerable video games over the decades, with the SHONEEN series arrived for the first time to the scene on the original PlayStation console. For the most part, straw hat pirates usually appear in fighting games or games that adapt anime events, so immersing yourself in a completely original story is undoubtedly something that have not tribute too often in the field of the videogames.. This year in which One Piece continues with the War for Wano arch and is ready to launch a new movie that will bring Red-Haired Shanks back, it is certainly a good time to be a Grand Line’s fanatic.

Twitter Outlet New World Artur compiled the new sketches of Eiichiro Oda for some of the new characters that will arrive _ a piece: Odysseya that will place Luffy and straw hat team on a completely new adventure that has not been seen or in the series of Anime or in the sleeve:

The official description of the next chapter of a piece_ long-line video game, for those who are not familiar, is read as such by Bandai Namco:

«A broken sunny thousand… scattered crew members… Luffy’s lost straw hat…

During your trip, straw hats, led by Monkey D. Luffy, are swallowed by a great storm at sea. They end up on a mysterious island full of nature in the middle of the storm and separate from each other. The crew embarks on a new adventure trip full of wonders of a furious nature, powerful enemies and strange encounters with the locals of the island. Work along with Luffy and the crew of him to set sail one more time! “

「ONE PIECE ODYSSEY(ワンピース オデッセイ)」First Trailer/PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5/Xbox SeriesX|S/Steam®
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