Shueesha Games: The manga giant opens its subsidiary video game

Japanese publishing house responsible for the Weekly Shônen Jump, a must-see magazine having seen such legendary series as Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece or Demon Slayer, Shueisha announces the launch of his subsidiary video game.

Ordered by Shinichi Hirono, Shueisha Games does not intend to substitute for a publisher like Bandai Namco, who already takes care of producing most of the adaptations of famous mangas on our machines, but rather from searching for young talents for the Support commercially. This is the goal of Shueisha Creators Camp, a program born of the idea that the know-how cultivated by Shueisha in the field of manga can also be used to support the creators of talented games, which they work alone or with A small team. If it has existed for almost a year and more than 4,000 creators have already enrolled in the program, the ShueSha Creators Camp will now be supported by Shûiesha Games. 10 games are currently in production, whose 4 already presented on the official website of the affiliate as well as on its Twitter account.

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump + Dimension (Tactical Action, Summer 2022)

The Tower: To the Bottom (Adventure Roguelike, Summer 2022)

Oni (Adventure Action, 2022)

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Ukiyo (Adventure CyberPunk, 2023)

Of course, Shueisha Games is also working on new big productions in cooperation with major publishers. Two small teasing for the road. The first is a smartphone game in production in an important studio located abroad. The characters (of which we can see the silhouettes below) are drawn by a famous artist of Weekly Shônen Jump and the exit of the game will take place everywhere in the world.

The second is a competitive multiplayer game produced in collaboration with a great Japanese company and developed by a recognized Japanese development studio.

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