“Kirby of the Stars” Arrange BGM Winner Winner! Overseas Big Band

At the World’s Highest Music Celebration “The 64th Grammy Award”, the Arrange song of “Cavy **” of the stars, “Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella” has been won.

Arranged “ Meta Knight’s Revenge (Metanite Counterattack “. It is BGM used in the game mode “Metanight Counterattack” at the “Kirby Super Deluxe of Stars” released in 1996.

The arrangement was in charge of the Button Masher’s name Jake Silverman, who is active. The 8-bit Big Ban in the Jazz / Pop Group, who was in charge of playing, focusing on game music.

The 8-bit Big Ban has also covered game music such as “Zelda Legend” and “Super Mario”. “Meta knight’s revenge” is also released on the official YouTube channel.

The 8-Bit Big Band LIVE Full Concert! - May 1st 2021 from Sony Hall NYC

This is the second time that game music has won the Grammy Award. We have achieved a majority since the opening song “BABA YETU” of “Civilization IV” won in 2011.

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